1.  Position: Sales Executive

     Hiring Number: 15

     Work Location: Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Dalian, Fuzhou, Hangzhou, Shijiazhuang, Wuhan and Xi An


Job Description—Sales Executive

1. Routine customer management and establish the good relationship with customers

2. Visit and communicate with customer and introduce relevant product to them

3. Well understand the market information of similar products. Positive communication with your manager and know the whole decision-making process

4. Efficiently manage weekly/monthly sales work

5. Build good relationship with vendor and promote in clinical work


Major: pharmacy/medical science, biomedicine, clinical medicine related.



2.  Position: Sales Data Specialist

     Hiring Number: 2

     Work Location: Shanghai


Job Description—Sales Data Specialist

1.         Collect sales certification materials such as invoice, approval document from distributors

2.         Verify monthly valid sales data by materials from distributors and track monthly electronic sales data uploading in system

3.         Collect & solve the common issues from our clients

4.         Cooperate with your manager to develop analysis reports & improve tool/process


Major: Marketing Management, Computer Science, Financial Accounting related.



3.  Position: Electrical Engineer

     Hiring Number: 3

     Work Location: Shanghai

Job Description—Electrical Engineer

1.         Play an active role in the project team through designing and creating new ideas and solutions to contribute for new technologies or products’ development

2.         Apply solid electrical design skills to develop medical devices to meet specific performance, cost and delivery goals according to product development quality system, including development of main processor board, user interface, power management designs etc.

3.         As a team member, contribute to completion various project activities, including product specification definition, risk analysis, schematic capture, PCA layout, design reviews, EMC design and design transfer to manufacturing

4.         Prepare &execute experiment to demonstrate & validate products’ features & performance


Major: Electrical/Biomedical Engineering or a related discipline


4.  Position: Material Engineer

     Hiring Number: 3

     Work Location: Shanghai

Job Description—Material Engineer

1.         Support project team to draft, edit and amend technical and product relevant documents

2.         Testing materials to assess how resistant they are to heat, corrosion or chemical attack; assessing materials for specific qualities (such as electrical conductivity, durability, renewability, biocompatibility)

3.         Analyze product failure data and laboratory test results in order to determine causes of problems and develop solutions

4.         Solve problems in a number of engineering fields together with other team members in a cross functional team, such as mechanical, chemical, electrical and clinical area


Major: Bachelor/Master degree in on or more of following:

Biomedical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Software/Computer Science, Biology/Physics/Chemistry/Biomaterials, Industrial engineering/Manufacture engineer/Engineering Management



5.  Position: Mechanical Engineer

     Hiring Number: 3

     Work Location: Shanghai

Job Description—Mechanical Engineer

1.         Support design components or portions of a functional system to develop or improve products and facilitate manufacturing operations

2.         Participate design activities and prepare documents/presentations in accordance with relevant internal SOPs and Design Control and good design practice

3.         Participates in pre-clinical in vivo labs, observing cases in hospitals and through planned and unplanned customer interactions

4.         Contributes inventions, new designs and techniques regarded as advances in the medical and technical/scientific community.


Major: Mechanical engineering or a related discipline


6.  Position: Software Engineer

     Hiring Number: 2

     Work Location: Shanghai

Job Description—Software Engineer

1.         Support software development and test responsibilities for new medical products to ensure entity’s time-to-market, development cost, ease-of-use maintainability and reliability objectives are met.

2.         Collaborate with team members to conduct research and analysis to meet products’ mechanical, electrical, system requirements

3.         Support project team to draft, edit and amend technical and product relevant documents

4.         Understands and contributes to product specification

5.         Contributes to approach, design, implementation of tests for product components.


Major: Computer Science, Computer/Biomedical Engineering or a related discipline


7.  Position: Project Coordinator

     Hiring Number: 1

     Work Location: Shanghai

Job Description—Project Coordinator

1.         Assisting the Project Management in relation to planning, execution and closure of projects

2.         Coordination of related design works with internal and external parties

3.         Support project team members on meeting preparation and management

4.         Monitoring project progress and reporting milestones as well as ensuring documentation

5.         Do project data archiving


Major: Bachelor/Master degree in on or more of the following disciplines:

Biomedical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Software / Computer Science, Biology / Physics / Chemistry / Biomaterials/Industrial engineering




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